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Osaka Vision GF Indoor Pro Bow - Black/Red

Osaka Vision GF Indoor Pro Bow - Black/Red

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Enter the world of indoor hockey. The Vision GF serves as the perfect entry point into the Indoor Vision Collection. Designed with Glass Fiber technology, this stick provides excellent durability and control, allowing beginners to develop their skills and discover the joy of indoor hockey.

The Indoor Pro Bow in Radiant Red is a sleek and thin shape designed for indoor hockey’s need for speed, agility, and control. This shape’s measurements with a bow point 250mm from the head and maximum height of 24mm are perfect for high-speed maneuvers, precise flicks, and effortless dribbling. With its lightning-fast stick handling and enhanced flicking capabilities, the Indoor Pro Bow empowers players to dominate the indoor arena. Unleash your full potential, master high-speed control, and experience the thrill of Osaka Hockey’s Indoor Pro Bow.

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95% fibreglass

5% kevlar reinforcement

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