Y1 Sponsorship Model

We’re all about reinventing the game through our carbon neutral, high performance hockey products. When people think Y1, people think young and adventurous which is what we look for in our sponsored players. We like players who go against the norm and are comfortable standing out from the rest. 

If you have excellent hockey ability, great social media presence and easily stand out from others, then you’re in the right place.

For you to become a sponsored player, you need to grab our attention and stand out from everyone else on social media. The best way to do this is by creating Y1 Hockey content on social media, tagging us and using the hashtag #Y1Prodigy.

We know hockey gear can be pricey and you need our gear to create content, that’s why we’re giving you a 15% discount code to get started! Use the code #Y1Nation at checkout to get a 15% discount on non-sale Y1 Items! Start creating content and tagging us on social media and you’ll be on your way to the first tier of sponsorship!


Bronze Tier

You’ve been working hard on social media, creating content and promoting the brand as often as possible so we’ve decided to give you a Bronze level sponsorship! In this level of sponsorship, you will be awarded a 30% discount on all Y1 products.

You will also be given a shareable 15% code that you can share on your social media for your teammates and anyone who follows you. Anyone who purchases using your code will earn you commission in the form of store credit, so try to promote as often as you can. 

Silver Tier

This is the next step up from the bronze level sponsorship. You have been grinding on social media and the Astro, promoting the Y1 brand as much as possible. People have been using your code and you’ve already earned some store credit – now it’s time to move up a level. 

In silver tier of sponsorship, you will be given up to 40% off of all Y1 products. The concept is the same as the bronze level – create content and generate sales through the promotion of your code. Keep up the hard work and you’ll be on your way to the next level of sponsorship. 

Gold Tier 

To earn a gold level sponsorship, you will have needed to create some amazing content. We’re talking next level stuff – Reels, quality imagery and weekly stories. This is the key to earning your status as a Gold sponsor.

The gold tier of sponsorship offers up to 50% off on Y1 products.

Platinum Tier 

This is a full sponsorship. You’ve proved to us that you can #ReInventTheGame through your content creation and your ability to influence those around you to join the #Y1Nation.

On this level of sponsorship you will not to part with your hard earned money to get yourself kitted out – you will be given a stick, a bag and all the protective gear you need to dominate the game!