Oregon Sponsorships


Sponsorships aren’t always about you. At Oregon, the planet comes first. Reducing our impact on the environment has always been our purpose, whilst hockey has always been our passion. When we combine our passion and purpose, we are able to serve the hockey market whilst having a minimal impact on the environment. 

So what does this have to do with you? At Oregon, we like to do things a little differently, sponsorships must be earned, once a sponsorship is earned, it’s a continuous process of showing us that you deserve your sponsorship. We only have one planet, let’s look after it.

What we look for in an Oregon player: 

  • Impact on the environment
  • Social media content and influence
  • Hockey ability


 You cannot apply for sponsorship, you need to be recognised by us on social media. 

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Sponsorship Model


Oregon Eco Cub


The eco cub is the foundation and to our sponsorship model. You will need to prove to us that you have all the characteristics of an Oregon player. To get started you will need to buy Oregon gear. To help you out we're giving you 15% off use the code: ECOCUB at checkout and you'll get 15% off any Oregon non-sale item!

Now you need to start posting on social media, tag us and use the #EcoCub hashtag in your posts!

Oregon Eco Scout


The eco scout is the next tier up and offers players up to 30% discount on Oregon products. The player has proved themselves to have the same vision as us at Oregon by showing us their continued contribution to the environment. The ideal candidate is someone who seeks thrill and adventure on a regular basis, posts great social media content and can perform on the hockey field. When someone is upgraded to an Eco Scout, they will receive their own personalised discount code that they can use at checkout. They will also be given a shareable code that they can give out to others who are interested in the brand for a 15% discount.


Oregon Eco Ranger


This is the highest level of sponsorship available at Oregon before you become an international player. This sponsorship offers up to 50% discount on Oregon products. This player is committed to not only hockey, but to preserving the environment and keeping the local communities clean. To be upgraded to an Eco Ranger from an Eco Scout, you need to have introduced people to the Oregon brand by giving them your unique sharable discount code. Once we see that people have been using your code, you can go from an Eco Scout to an Eco Ranger. 


Oregon International Conservationist


This level of sponsorship is given to players at a national level who are passionate about hockey and preserving the environment. Players at this sponsorship level will be given a hockey stick of their choice, a stickbag, gloves, shinguards and other Oregon accessories.