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Osaka Pro Tour LTD Low Bow Bronze

Osaka Pro Tour LTD Low Bow Bronze

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Step into a world where only the best can compete. The Pro Tour Limited line represents the culmination of relentless innovation and unwavering dedication to the sport. Designed for the players who refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary, these sticks provide an unrivaled advantage.

The Osaka Pro Tour Limited range uses 18K Silver Textreme® biaxial spread-tow carbon fabric. This reduces crimp, which means that spread tow fabrics can provide marginal stiffness advantages, it also results in a very unique-looking bolder carbon fiber weave pattern.

The Pro Tour LTD Low Bow in Bronze is an excellent all-around stick shape with excellent drag-flicking capabilities. The maximum bow point lies at 200mm from the head with a maximal height of 24mm. Despite these aggressive figures, the profile is modest while catering to the modern style of play. This design is focused on (deceptive) slap-hitting, drag-flicking, and power-hitting.

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98% Carbon - including 18K Silver Textreme® biaxial carbon fabric outer layer

2% Kevlar Cross reinforcement

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