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Bullpadel - Hack 03 Padel Racket 2024

Bullpadel - Hack 03 Padel Racket 2024

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The Bullpadel Hack 03 is used by the flambouyant, loveable and highly talented, Paquito Navarro, a pretty good ambassador for the racket. It is a Diamond-shaped racket, with maximum power and great control. 

It features the new Air React Channel System, which consists of an aerodynamic frame, creating a firmer, more agile and lighter structure, making it more manoeuvrable and easier to play with. 

The face is made up of the new Tricarbon, which is a combined mesh of Carbon Fibre 18K to give you strength and plenty of power. The inner core is made of the new MultiEva rubber which combines a mix of rubber densities to give you power, control and a comfortable feeling when striking the ball.

The 3D G technology features a rough surface of the racket makes it possible to accentuate the spin on all shots. Nerve Technology includes channels on the sides of the frame to reinforce the structure and ensure higher rigidity and shock absorption. 

The racket has a Metalshield frame that protects the frame from any damage and it also offers the custom weight plate system that allows you to modify the balance of the racket according to your style of game.

It has a Vibradrive system for absorption of vibrations, helping to prevent injuries. In addition, it features the innovative Hesacore grip, which reduces stress, vibrations and the probability of injury and is very comfortable to hold.

Shape Diamond 
Surface  Rough
Surface Material  Tri-Carbon Fibre 18K 
Frame Material  Carbon Fibre 
Core Multi EVA Rubber 
Weight 365 - 375 grams
Balance  High
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