Osaka Padel Racket - Vision Pro - Control

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The new Osaka Control shape is the culmination of a multi-year padel racket design process at Osaka HQ. After several years of research and Development we have developed a shape that maximises the sweetspot and face while minimising the frame width. On top of that the racket has special aerodynamic channels along the side, as well as an internal Vibration Redirection System, which can be seen in the heart area.

The Control Mk2.1 is a round shaped racket ideal for more defensive- and control-oriented players, The central position of the sweetspot creates an intuitive sense of play that will acclimatise you to the racket immediately. Also, the maximised face forgives many lesser struck balls. This is a great racket for a wide level-range of defensive players.In general we would recommend this shape to forehand players.

Sand Surface

Double-Stage Frame

PU Edge Protection

Osaka Touch® Foam

3K Twill Weave Carbon