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Osaka Hockey Overgrip - White

Osaka Hockey Overgrip - White

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Osaka overgrips are a completely new solution to the problem every player faces. How do I make sure the stick stays in my hands even when it gets really wet! A lot of research lead us to another sport that faces similar problems: tennis.

For decades tennis players have been applying overgrips on top of their regular grips to ensure the racket does not move in your hands without you wanting it. We found one of the best suppliers in the world and got to work to adapt these items to fit hockey perfectly.

Every package comes with 2 grips, which should last you anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, and the necessary sticker to firmly seal it in place. Take care to apply the grip with as much force as you can muster, and don’t worry about any crinkles, after a couple hours the grip will settle into place!


• Perfect grip, even in wet conditions

• Very thin layer, also suitable for smaller hands

• Available in 2 colours: white and black

• 2 grips per package + 2 end tapes for sealing into place

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