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Indoor Vision 10 Pro Bow - Black - Purple Hockey Stick

Indoor Vision 10 Pro Bow - Black - Purple Hockey Stick

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Elevate your indoor game. The Indoor Vision 10 is a significant step up, catering to players who seek enhanced performance on the indoor court. With a higher carbon content, this stick delivers increased stiffness and power, empowering you to execute precise maneuvers, unleash powerful flicks, and outplay your opponents.

The Indoor Pro Bow is a sleek and thin shape designed for indoor hockey’s need for speed, agility, and control. This shape’s measurements with a bow point 250mm from the head and maximum height of 24mm are perfect for high-speed maneuvers, precise flicks, and effortless dribbling. With its lightning-fast stick handling and enhanced flicking capabilities, the Indoor Pro Bow empowers players to dominate the indoor arena. Unleash your full potential, master high-speed control, and experience the thrill of Osaka Hockey’s Indoor Pro Bow.

Product details

10% Carbon

85% Fibre glass

5% Kevlar reinforcement

Weight: 450-480g

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