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Osaka FuTURELAB 20 Indoor Nxt Bow Off White

Osaka FuTURELAB 20 Indoor Nxt Bow Off White

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The Indoor Futurelab is a captivating extension of our next-gen design philosophy into the realm of indoor hockey. Building upon the revolutionary features of the Futurelab collection, this variant takes center stage with its sleek and ultra-thin profile, specifically crafted to enhance ball control, dribbling, and flicking.

With meticulous attention to detail, the Indoor Futurelab delivers an unrivaled playing experience, enabling players to command the ball with precision, execute swift dribbles, and unleash powerful flicks. Embrace the fusion of innovation and finesse, and elevate your indoor game to extraordinary levels with the Indoor Futurelab from Osaka Hockey.

The Futurelab Indoor NXT bow has a maximum bow point located at 250mm from the cross with a max height of 24mm. It is also built with 18K Silver Textreme®.

Product details

Hookslot technology

Optimized profile, ideal for ball control

20% carbon - including 18K Silver Textreme® outer layer

75% fibreglass

5% kevlar

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