Gryphon speedy sam 2020 navy denim

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  • Dual Wheel Trolley
  • Sturdy, Heavy duty, Large Holding Capacity
  • Harness carry system
  • High Density Padded foam
  • Water Bottle Pocket

Because we know Hockey can be an important part of your life and sometimes you need to carry more gear than what’s required for one training or one game. Whether it’s a whole weekend, week or even a month we’ve got you covered. We have dared to design the most advanced travel stick bag we could imagine!

His 80 litres capacity will allow you to bring all the Hockey gear you need ! But if it’s weight concerning you, we’ve thought that through too. That’s why the Speedy Sam comes equipped with sturdy wheels to give that hockey back the rest it deserves. The bag construction consists of two big compartments helping you to separate dirty from clean. Side pockets fit for sliding all your accessories such as shin-guards, your mouth guard, gloves, spare grips and more. Not to mention the stick compartment is able to fit your entire quiver (eight sticks).

The Speedy Sam is also marketed as a coaches’ best friend allowing you to carry a full arsenal including- whiteboard, balls, cones. Everything. We also guaranteeing high stability and a smooth transition when rolling your Speedy Sam, wherever the journey.