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GM Chrome is made with premium English Willow. The Sweet Spot in the GM Chrome series is in the mid to low position. The GM Chrome L555 has a traditional shape which means the length of the bat is of a traditional length and the length of the handle will be likewise of traditional length. The traditional handle length on this bat is 295mm.

Traditional L555 Blade Length
Handle Length 295mm
F4.5 Face Profile
Massive Contoured Edges At Drive Zone
Low To Mid Swell Position For Allround Power Play
Partially Concaved Back Profile For Balancing
A Big Bat

Made In England From Prime English Willow

+ Superior Seasoned unbleached Grade 3 English Willow
+ Minor blemishes, may have some colour to one edge
+ Fitted with good quality treble spring cane handle
+ GM NOW! & ToeTek™ finish fitted as standard