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The Asics Gel-Blackheath 7 for women is a stable field shoe with good shock absorption. Due to the great fit, the shoe fits perfectly. In the heel of the shoe, the GEL insert provides the ultimate shock absorption. The fine cushioning does not go unnoticed in the midsole, because the Speva cushioning material gives you all the comfort you need.

Take note! The color deviates slightly from the image and the red color tends to pink.

Features and benefits
- Anti Gravel Tongue
A special construction so that no gravel or small stones can get into the shoe while walking.
- California Slip Lasting
Because of the California Slip Lasting technology, the foot is extra sturdy in the shoe and the slip is prevented.
- Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL® Cushioning Systems
Significantly weakened shocks at the time of impact and during depositing, also ensures a smooth settlement.
- Removable Sockliner
The sole can be removed so that you can replace it with your own (customized) sole.
- DuoMax® Support System
The DYNAMIC DUOMAX system is the adaptive version of DUOMAX, a midsole material for foot support. It ensures stabilization of the foot when it is completely on the ground, the so-called standing phase. Better support in this phase means more stability in sales.
- SpEVA® Midsole Material
Provides excellent damping properties.
- Trusstic System
This so-called Trusstic System integrates the Guidance Line technology for a more efficient walking pattern. While it optimally supports the midfoot.